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How to cook the perfect chicken in the pan. | Is your chicken dry?

How to cook the perfect chicken in the pan

Make sure, Take your time, quality cooking shows with chicken. Cut and prepare chicken portion size not too thin but not too thick. Cuts are should be identical. You want to make the bite tasty with flavor if being served with a soup or rice dishes.

Fat is flavor so even if your chicken turns out dry, fat can rescue the chicken. The typical rescue is a pan gravy from the fat that rendered out in the pan. The chicken should be seasoned.

Use a heavy bottom pan it is slightly more dense than a regular skillet and does a better job at distributing heat. Use slow and gentle heat no more than medium heat….watch the oil in the pan.!

When the sides and edges of the chicken turns white with the middle still pink is a good time to flip and cook the other side..If you want to impress a chef and cook the perfect chicken breast. “The goal is to not to overcook the chicken but we want them safe to eat.” Salmonella is no joke.. those parasites are waiting for you..

If you cannot tell if the chicken is properly cooked by sight poke the chicken with something dull.Check to see if there is resistance, or if it springs back after you press on it.Checking the temperature with the thermometer is most accurate so if you cannot tell don’t be lazy do it properly, check the thickest part (with your thermometer). -This is my first blogpost.

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How to cook perfect chicken in the pan

Practice cooking chicken to become a good cook.

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