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Why I became a chef| SMDanolfood

Why I became a chef

You know you are a chef when all you think about is food.

Everytime i sit to eat i am never bored. I have something to teach my kids.


I think of recipes, menu layouts, new flavor balance, new ideas, in my industry.

I write down my thoughts of what i eat in a journal daily, and make these blogs for my business.

It’s not just a hobby, i plan on making an impact with my career.


I am my own critic, when it comes to the kitchen i am a perfect.

I could create something special and want to learn how to better the technique or be more consistent in my cooking. I want more accuracy, or could be better and faster than yesterday’s work is the goal.Monitoring, recording, writing and reading my progress, every attempt try to lessen waste, advance quality production.


Fit chef

To me, meal plans are not boring, i see my peers struggling to follow their meal prep.

It is the same dry ass chicken breast with vegetables.  

Try using different oils to fry with, instead of salad try yogurts, fruits, milk, healthy fats, nuts, fish, cheeses to incorporate into your meals.

I follow diets like, keto, and paleo.

It is the reason why i like working with food daily. I use what i work with, learn as much as i can, and incorporate it into my fitness. Certified Personal trainer is a goal in my near future. I am going to create health/beauty products along with health/fitness.


Traveling is way more fun.

When you visit a historic place, food is part of the culture. I can travel and work at the same time writing, filming, creating content and experiencing new cuisines and their history. The Gastronomy of different countries is interesting to me.

You eat food for the art, not the taste.

Every bite i take, I savor and use sensory science. Being in the moment while you chew thinking about the nutrition breaking down as you chew.


Culinary Arts will be a lifetime career for me.

I know i am young and i have more to learn, in this industry there is never enough. You are never an expert, but you can be proud to be called chef. It is too early to think about retirement, but I dream of becoming a culinary arts instructor when i am 62 years old and teaching a new generation to cook..


Have fun networking

In this industry you meet people that have the same passion, that love food and like to throw parties and events. Your coworkers become your friends you can talk to them and you make sense to them. You form business partners by sharing ideas and your goals, and ask them for their help.

Gives me passion to grow

Having a skill like cooking makes me proud and motivated to learn and create.The more knowledge I receive, the more I feel like i am better for running my own company. Everyone’s an expert in THEIR kitchen, but i am going to bring my own style. I love learning everything from agriculture to restaurant design.


You have versatility to cook your own food.

You eat fried foods, but you can always switch up the technique if the recipe says to fry, you can bake alternatively. Instead of boil you can blanch, or poach.

You control how to cook and prepare foods.


You become marketable.

Once you have put in the work you actually become an influencer within your industry. All the work you put in with your demo videos and your food. When you work professionally and host dinner events/ luncheons celebrating the company’s success because of your hard work.


Portion control, you can control how much sugar you consume.

With my weights and measurement skills you can adjust the intake of food.


You gain skills like food costs, and event planning.

For every job you work you pick up an extra skill to add to your resume.

Have you ever heard of the saying A student that wants to learn does not need a school.

This industry has so many routes you can create skills that are unique to you and your work ethic like food stylist(food presentation), photography, marketing, copywriting, public relations, customer service.


You help to throw memorable events.

At parties you become the guy that knows business. For major events you have the hookups on all the food, pastries, beverages and entertainment. You know bartenders, wine experts, pastry chefs, CEO’s, and important business people.


You eat for free. You try delicious food all the time..


It is easy becoming a chef, all you have to do is make 1,000,000

mistakes in your career and learn from them.

It is not all fun, be prepared to face large amounts work and stress along with body aches and pains. Some people simply do not appreciate culinary arts as I do. You put all your effort into your food but there are people that tamper with your work of art, or companies try to harm your business. It is a blessing. I am grateful.

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