SSUP!.. My name is D-A-N-I-E-L, Welcome to my blog. I create content online. Daniel Marin, I make videos with my food and show people my life.

I write blogs of fun topics of food (Flavor building steps, gastronomy, cuisines..etc). I call this blog “My Test kitchen”. haha! I work on  developing my delicious recipes. 

My goal is to become an influencer online and inspire people to cook at home…  I’ll show you Some tricks in the kitchen.  I work as a cook and create memorable events with Culinary art. I share my ideas for health and beauty products to cultivating and farming. I want to make a pet food product, I don’t even have a pet. I like to cook for others.

I am a young entrepreneur, I am from Las Vegas and I also like the travel/ lifestyle.

I post content such as recipes, demo videos, tourism guides, recipes, cooking tips, food reviews, cooking techniques, challenges, and my personal family blog(Me and my 2 Lil girls).

Thank you for reading SMDanolfood

Disclaimer: I promote affiliate links for home and garden products.


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