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Del Taco Mukbang with my girls | SMDanolfood

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Celebrity Chef Influence | SMDanolfood

Celebrity Chef Influence

Guy Fieri was a celebrity chef that inspired me in my Culinary interests. Weekends I used to watch his show on Food Network (Diner, Drive ins and Dives) (Triple D).
His show was about traveling different regions in the U.S and reviewing epic food.
Guy Fieri made his name a branding business and TV trademark. Cited using “He co owns 3 restaurants in California, and Licenses his name to restaurants in New York and as Vegas.” He is host of various top rated TV shows, authored books, and has multiple restaurants . I grew up watching him and saw the growth of his career take off. Cited by “He was awarded The Food Network star in 2005 and 2006 consecutively. ” I remember he was popular during my senior year 2010. I still have some notes that I took down from his show on a notebook.
Cited by Biography Guy Fieri quote –“My parents were into macrobiotic cooking—vegetarian, nondairy, whole grains, no red meat. I started cooking when I was 10 because I just couldn’t eat that stuff.” (Molecular Gastronomy) This quote inspires me because that’s the same reason I am pursuing my career.I was raised by a single mother working two jobs, Sometimes I cooked my own food as a kid (Luckily, I didn’t burn down the house). I also want to teach my kids how to be passionate about food how to eat well.
Basically he’s blogging his life of food on the road in a nice ride, red SS Chevy Camaro (it was legendary). He’s all about food, As a teen, I would dine at a local bar & grill around my house. That bar & grill appeared on one of the segment in his show -Diners, drive ins, and dives. The food establishment was named ” Four Kegs”, and they have some Cajon onion rings that I had every time..
According to Food (Author Jaramiah Alley 2014) He is America with Italian heritage from Ferndale, California. The Cali- vibing, blond, cool rock star chef personality attended The University of Nevada Las Vegas. (Las Vegas Review Journal) I liked his cooking and lifestyle of traveling chef reviewing good food. Guy spent some time studying in France, which is something I have on my bucket list. So far I have only tried one of his restaurants here in Las Vegas. He has created an empire, and keeps going. He has written cookbooks and selling his retail product lines. (BBQ sauce) Which is a goal set to achieve. He also opened up a winery and named it after his sons, which touches me considering that I have 2 daughters. His sons’ names are Hunter & Ryder. According to (Author Jaramiah Alley 2014 ),he works with kids to learn about food and make good nutritional choices and has charity foundations. He gave me some valuable skills and knowledge as a kid!!
Ever since, he has been influential to me I admire him,
choosing a career freedom and creativity and being doing what you love is what I want. I remember in high school I would cook and bring dishes to school potluck. Around the ending of my senior year, I remember his name really blowing up, At least on
Food Network. According to Food Network website, He graduated with degree
in Hotel Management. He is a cool chef, even though I’ve never met him. He
really has been a celebrity chef inluence to me to want a career as a chef.

Celebrity Chef influence| SMDanolfood

Daniel Eustolio Marin |

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Traveling Chef | SMDanolfood

Travel Story | SMDanolfood

Who wouldn’t enjoy traveling and writing it off in your taxes as a business expense?. That’s my goal, Travel and accommodating guests is rewarding. I want to become a Travel Agent Chef.
My skills have grown throughout the years working in the Hospitality industry and has given me business ideas and set goals to thrive in my work not only in Las Vegas but anywhere in the world.
A career in the Hospitality industry is having fun celebrating with the guests. I am currently a Culinary student and have interests in writing my own cookbook.
Gastronomy is about bringing science and art together to present a gourmet dish. Along with Culinary Arts come indigenous ingredients, history, and regional cuisines, traditions, and special ceremonies.
I am a foodie who watches the food network and youtube videos all the time. When I say I study gastronomy I really mean Molecular gastronomy! There are many Culinary Destinations I would like to experience and vlog for myself. There are Michelin star restaurants in Dubai, New York, Los Angeles(just to name a few)fine dining restaurants, with michelin star chefs that I want to visit.. I am also into fitness and adventure. I have a bucket list of sport and recreations tours I want to try. Even going on an excursion and learn some history and get to see wildlife would be fun.
My goal is to become the executive chef, maybe at Universal Studios or Disneyland. I have 2 daughters myself and I bet they would be proud of their dad. That would make me the best dad..having connections with Mickey? Making family vacations so fun and exciting.
Here in Las Vegas, we have the nightlife and adult entertainment. Concerts, Art district comedy clubs, strip clubs, nightclubs. There’s not much I would show my kids. Wouldnt it be fun to review theme parks? I plan on growing my youtube channel and making it come true.
Part of my work is learning the traditional dishes of many cultures like the Hawaiian Loco Moco, Hawaiian Poke or Kahlua pig. I can recreate the dish here in the states, but I bet it doesn’t compare to the original origin of the dish. Where the ingredients are irreplaceable and are exclusive to the seasons.
As a travel agent, there would be no obstacles. I could play many roles. Planning a wedding or even a honeymoon. I could help with building the cake and turn around and book a horseback riding getaway for them. Anything the traveler needs to inspire them to travel more.
There are many accommodations to offer like a spa package or a golf package. Luxury travel to high-end boutique hotels with expensive artwork, or budget-friendly all-inclusive packages.
I practice copywriting and persuasive writing. Starting a travel blog would be a good idea. How about taking a tour across the country and writing about all the local food spots to recommend? I think I would be the first to sign up for a vacation. To know what the traveler is looking for you need to experience and persuade them. Inspire them to make them want to take a vacation.
“You can always make more money you can’t always make memories.”

Travel is an industry is that I want to learn. It is one of the biggest industries in the world. Every generation wants to travel, whether its the lost generation to millennials. Travel business is growing fast.Food also a passion for me to help me inspire people with my food and my writing.

Daniel Eustolio Marin |
Food & Beverage Professional
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