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Sour Cream Muffins|SMDanolfood

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Sour cream muffins

Yield 12 muffins,31/4 oz(100g) each

Method creaming


Unsalted butter,

Room temperature 8oz ,240 g

Granulated Sugar 8 oz, 240 g

Eggs 3.3 oz, 100 g

Baking Powder 0.14oz, (1tsp),4g

Baking soda 0.14 oz, (1tsp) 4g

Salt 0.02 oz(1tsp) 6g

Sour cream 10 oz,300g

Vanilla Extract 0.15fl.oz(1tsp)5ml



  1. Cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.Add the eggs.
  2. Sift the dry ingredients together
  3. Stir the dry ingredients and sour cream, alternatively, into the butter mixture in

Three additions.Stir in the vanilla.

  1. Portion into greased or paper lined muffin cupsand bake at 350 F(180 C)

Until light brown and set,approximately 20 minutes.

  1. Allow the muffins to cool briefly in the pan before removing

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Why I became a chef| SMDanolfood

Why I became a chef

You know you are a chef when all you think about is food.

Everytime i sit to eat i am never bored. I have something to teach my kids.


I think of recipes, menu layouts, new flavor balance, new ideas, in my industry.

I write down my thoughts of what i eat in a journal daily, and make these blogs for my business.

It’s not just a hobby, i plan on making an impact with my career.


I am my own critic, when it comes to the kitchen i am a perfect.

I could create something special and want to learn how to better the technique or be more consistent in my cooking. I want more accuracy, or could be better and faster than yesterday’s work is the goal.Monitoring, recording, writing and reading my progress, every attempt try to lessen waste, advance quality production.


Fit chef

To me, meal plans are not boring, i see my peers struggling to follow their meal prep.

It is the same dry ass chicken breast with vegetables.  

Try using different oils to fry with, instead of salad try yogurts, fruits, milk, healthy fats, nuts, fish, cheeses to incorporate into your meals.

I follow diets like, keto, and paleo.

It is the reason why i like working with food daily. I use what i work with, learn as much as i can, and incorporate it into my fitness. Certified Personal trainer is a goal in my near future. I am going to create health/beauty products along with health/fitness.


Traveling is way more fun.

When you visit a historic place, food is part of the culture. I can travel and work at the same time writing, filming, creating content and experiencing new cuisines and their history. The Gastronomy of different countries is interesting to me.

You eat food for the art, not the taste.

Every bite i take, I savor and use sensory science. Being in the moment while you chew thinking about the nutrition breaking down as you chew.


Culinary Arts will be a lifetime career for me.

I know i am young and i have more to learn, in this industry there is never enough. You are never an expert, but you can be proud to be called chef. It is too early to think about retirement, but I dream of becoming a culinary arts instructor when i am 62 years old and teaching a new generation to cook..


Have fun networking

In this industry you meet people that have the same passion, that love food and like to throw parties and events. Your coworkers become your friends you can talk to them and you make sense to them. You form business partners by sharing ideas and your goals, and ask them for their help.

Gives me passion to grow

Having a skill like cooking makes me proud and motivated to learn and create.The more knowledge I receive, the more I feel like i am better for running my own company. Everyone’s an expert in THEIR kitchen, but i am going to bring my own style. I love learning everything from agriculture to restaurant design.


You have versatility to cook your own food.

You eat fried foods, but you can always switch up the technique if the recipe says to fry, you can bake alternatively. Instead of boil you can blanch, or poach.

You control how to cook and prepare foods.


You become marketable.

Once you have put in the work you actually become an influencer within your industry. All the work you put in with your demo videos and your food. When you work professionally and host dinner events/ luncheons celebrating the company’s success because of your hard work.


Portion control, you can control how much sugar you consume.

With my weights and measurement skills you can adjust the intake of food.


You gain skills like food costs, and event planning.

For every job you work you pick up an extra skill to add to your resume.

Have you ever heard of the saying A student that wants to learn does not need a school.

This industry has so many routes you can create skills that are unique to you and your work ethic like food stylist(food presentation), photography, marketing, copywriting, public relations, customer service.


You help to throw memorable events.

At parties you become the guy that knows business. For major events you have the hookups on all the food, pastries, beverages and entertainment. You know bartenders, wine experts, pastry chefs, CEO’s, and important business people.


You eat for free. You try delicious food all the time..


It is easy becoming a chef, all you have to do is make 1,000,000

mistakes in your career and learn from them.

It is not all fun, be prepared to face large amounts work and stress along with body aches and pains. Some people simply do not appreciate culinary arts as I do. You put all your effort into your food but there are people that tamper with your work of art, or companies try to harm your business. It is a blessing. I am grateful.

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Managing your time in a recipe.

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Managing your time in a recipe.

Time management in the kitchen is important for consistency.
Managing your time in a recipe can give you good results such as the perfect chicken.

Planning out your meal is paying attention to detail. Follow guidelines from defrosting to preparation, to cook time and discarding your food.
A cook should focus on the procedures of preparing to make the dish and then the result of the dish will come together. When a recipe says to mince garlic and then you suate in hot oil, burning the garlic. The garlic loses its natural flavor and is now too bitter.
Every procedure has a purpose in building flavor.
The recipe should say when to be gentle with the ingredient or when you have to apply pressure to your knife.
Know the industry terms, the recipe does not demonstrate the terms.
Culinary terms explain how to handle food.

Soak, whip, suate, sweat, blend, and chop foods accordingly.
Know industry tools and equipment. You can blend food in the food processor or blender, or you can do it manually with a fork.
There are pots and pans many different sizes know what pan to use is important. You can use all of these gadgets to help make the task easier.
If you are reading a recipe step by step while your are cooking the dish think ahead. Assemble all equipment ahead of time. Blanching is quick it should be several seconds then prepare to shock.
A high heat pan can mess up texture and too much charring on a chile or vegetable will give it a bitter taste.
Take control of the stove! Walking away from the pan is an amateur move. The longest amount of time to be away from the stove is a minute.
When the pan is at a temperature then you add a cooler ingredient to the pan the time to get back to temp is called recovery time. That is why you prepare foods by cutting to same size. Cook larger item first to make sure they are cooked properly. The pan will burn smaller cuts. Time and temperature is important following recipes.
All the food in the market has limited time to be used. Think about your foods ripeness, how long has this tomato been sitting in the store .. and how long will it be sitting in my fridge? What dish am i going to make with it? Know the shelf-life of your items, make sure to taste it. Watch how the heat affects it. Look at the moisture releasing due to the heat.
Clean as you go. Cooking in a messy station will slow you dow on top of the pressure of time. It can be dangerous having dirty cutting boards and in a rush to take shortcuts and keep up with time. Make it a habit to clean after each step. You’ll have minimal clean up after. Being organized is a soft skill that will help execute any recipe. Everything should have a place. It’s part of your mise en place.
Know which food to control time and temperature for food safety and food presentation. If you decide to cut and prepare potatoes and start to oxidize it will affect your food.
Learning different cultures and cuisines will give you knowledge in the kitchen. Find inspiration in learning how food across the world builds flavor.
Cooks make mistakes, the best practice is to study your recipes! When you get comfortable with the results then you can modify the recipe and reinvent a dish. I recommend following a single dish recipe until you get used to it familiarize yourself with the ingredients and flavor balance then master the recipe.

Managing your time in a recipe.

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How to cook the perfect chicken in the pan. | Is your chicken dry?

How to cook the perfect chicken in the pan

Make sure, Take your time, quality cooking shows with chicken. Cut and prepare chicken portion size not too thin but not too thick. Cuts are should be identical. You want to make the bite tasty with flavor if being served with a soup or rice dishes.

Fat is flavor so even if your chicken turns out dry, fat can rescue the chicken. The typical rescue is a pan gravy from the fat that rendered out in the pan. The chicken should be seasoned.

Use a heavy bottom pan it is slightly more dense than a regular skillet and does a better job at distributing heat. Use slow and gentle heat no more than medium heat….watch the oil in the pan.!

When the sides and edges of the chicken turns white with the middle still pink is a good time to flip and cook the other side..If you want to impress a chef and cook the perfect chicken breast. “The goal is to not to overcook the chicken but we want them safe to eat.” Salmonella is no joke.. those parasites are waiting for you..

If you cannot tell if the chicken is properly cooked by sight poke the chicken with something dull.Check to see if there is resistance, or if it springs back after you press on it.Checking the temperature with the thermometer is most accurate so if you cannot tell don’t be lazy do it properly, check the thickest part (with your thermometer). -This is my first blogpost.

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How to cook perfect chicken in the pan

Practice cooking chicken to become a good cook.