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Chiles Torreados Recipe in English| SMDanolfood blog

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Chiles Torreados Recipe in English

Chiles Torreados is a compliment to delicious tacos. It is commonly served in taquerias with carne asada, but this side dish goes well with about anything.

The highlight of this recipe is the charring of the peppers. “Chiles Torreados “refers to angering the chiles so they become more spicier, with the techniques of smashing the chiles to burst the seeds and oil for heat.

The spiciness is a preference. Jalapenos and serranos are traditional in Mexico.

You can make these chiles with mild jalapenos or habaneros/serranos for some kick.

“Torrear” in Spanish means “to fight with bulls”. Don’t be scared, take a challenge!.

Chiles Torreados adds the southwestern flavor to the kitchen. I am proud of my roots and where I came from. It really is one of my favorite foods to make.

The recipe differs from the region. Some regions in California add spices and herbs, some people instead of using soy sauce they use Worcestershire sauce or  they use oyster sauce. That really is innovating the recipe to fusion foods. Or if you a home cook you can make Chiles Torreados anyway you want. I heard of a dish that has red pepper flakes i think that gives the dish good color.

With Chiles torreados, you experiment with different recipes, but the chiles have to have good flavor and texture.

Some Roast the chiles and peel the skin so they are soft with the onions. Or you can leave the blisters on for a smoky flavor

It is very simple to make like I said the most important part is the texture of the chiles do not burn the chiles. The recipe varies but here’s my simple recipe.

Chiles Torreados Recipe

Yield: 4 servings


1 large white onion, sliced

4 Serrano Chiles, (Washed)

4 Jalapeno chiles, (washed)

¼ cup of Soy sauce

2 tbsp of lime juice

2 tbsp of vegetable oil

Salt if needed


1 Heat a medium-sized cast iron skillet med-high heat. add the vegetable oil. Roll the chiles with light pressure with your hands to open seeds and juices.

2 Add the chiles, char on all sides rolling in the pan to get all sides.

3 Add the white onion and caramelize for 10 min.

4 Combine Lime juice and soy sauce to deglaze the bottom of the pan.

5 Let the lime and soy sauce reduce just a bit.

6 Serve.

Pay close attention when charring, the popping of the chile, the aroma, and the blistering of the chiles.

Some recipes char the chiles without oil then add to the sauteing onions. It is up to you how you want to build the flavor but make sure to season to taste.

Take a look at my last post to refer to salting foods here.

In conclusion, Chiles Torreados is a good addition to any meal. Try it out it is delicious.

I hope you enjoy Chiles Torreados recipe in English.


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Managing your time in a recipe.

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Managing your time in a recipe.

Time management in the kitchen is important for consistency.
Managing your time in a recipe can give you good results such as the perfect chicken.

Planning out your meal is paying attention to detail. Follow guidelines from defrosting to preparation, to cook time and discarding your food.
A cook should focus on the procedures of preparing to make the dish and then the result of the dish will come together. When a recipe says to mince garlic and then you suate in hot oil, burning the garlic. The garlic loses its natural flavor and is now too bitter.
Every procedure has a purpose in building flavor.
The recipe should say when to be gentle with the ingredient or when you have to apply pressure to your knife.
Know the industry terms, the recipe does not demonstrate the terms.
Culinary terms explain how to handle food.

Soak, whip, suate, sweat, blend, and chop foods accordingly.
Know industry tools and equipment. You can blend food in the food processor or blender, or you can do it manually with a fork.
There are pots and pans many different sizes know what pan to use is important. You can use all of these gadgets to help make the task easier.
If you are reading a recipe step by step while your are cooking the dish think ahead. Assemble all equipment ahead of time. Blanching is quick it should be several seconds then prepare to shock.
A high heat pan can mess up texture and too much charring on a chile or vegetable will give it a bitter taste.
Take control of the stove! Walking away from the pan is an amateur move. The longest amount of time to be away from the stove is a minute.
When the pan is at a temperature then you add a cooler ingredient to the pan the time to get back to temp is called recovery time. That is why you prepare foods by cutting to same size. Cook larger item first to make sure they are cooked properly. The pan will burn smaller cuts. Time and temperature is important following recipes.
All the food in the market has limited time to be used. Think about your foods ripeness, how long has this tomato been sitting in the store .. and how long will it be sitting in my fridge? What dish am i going to make with it? Know the shelf-life of your items, make sure to taste it. Watch how the heat affects it. Look at the moisture releasing due to the heat.
Clean as you go. Cooking in a messy station will slow you dow on top of the pressure of time. It can be dangerous having dirty cutting boards and in a rush to take shortcuts and keep up with time. Make it a habit to clean after each step. You’ll have minimal clean up after. Being organized is a soft skill that will help execute any recipe. Everything should have a place. It’s part of your mise en place.
Know which food to control time and temperature for food safety and food presentation. If you decide to cut and prepare potatoes and start to oxidize it will affect your food.
Learning different cultures and cuisines will give you knowledge in the kitchen. Find inspiration in learning how food across the world builds flavor.
Cooks make mistakes, the best practice is to study your recipes! When you get comfortable with the results then you can modify the recipe and reinvent a dish. I recommend following a single dish recipe until you get used to it familiarize yourself with the ingredients and flavor balance then master the recipe.

Managing your time in a recipe.

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How to cook the perfect chicken in the pan. | Is your chicken dry?

How to cook the perfect chicken in the pan

Make sure, Take your time, quality cooking shows with chicken. Cut and prepare chicken portion size not too thin but not too thick. Cuts are should be identical. You want to make the bite tasty with flavor if being served with a soup or rice dishes.

Fat is flavor so even if your chicken turns out dry, fat can rescue the chicken. The typical rescue is a pan gravy from the fat that rendered out in the pan. The chicken should be seasoned.

Use a heavy bottom pan it is slightly more dense than a regular skillet and does a better job at distributing heat. Use slow and gentle heat no more than medium heat….watch the oil in the pan.!

When the sides and edges of the chicken turns white with the middle still pink is a good time to flip and cook the other side..If you want to impress a chef and cook the perfect chicken breast. “The goal is to not to overcook the chicken but we want them safe to eat.” Salmonella is no joke.. those parasites are waiting for you..

If you cannot tell if the chicken is properly cooked by sight poke the chicken with something dull.Check to see if there is resistance, or if it springs back after you press on it.Checking the temperature with the thermometer is most accurate so if you cannot tell don’t be lazy do it properly, check the thickest part (with your thermometer). -This is my first blogpost.

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How to cook perfect chicken in the pan

Practice cooking chicken to become a good cook.